Drone Aerial Photography of the Hamma Hamma River, Washington

So, What does it cost?

We do not have a price sheet for items like “x number of pictures for $$” or “x minutes of video for $$.” but we are happy to quote that for you. It has been our experience that each client has different expectations and goals. If you know what you want
Please send us an email and we’ll get back to you shortly with a quote. For more info, keep reading.

Our minimum rate for any project in and around the Sequim area is $100. This minimum includes a total of 1 hour divided between flying on the project site and the time needed to post process your media if needed. Each additional hour is $80.

For project sites that are more than 15 minutes driving time from the intersection of Hwy 101 and Sequim Avenue in Sequim, we charge an additional $1 per minute for the time – one way – as calculated by Google Maps. – – see “show me how” below

The media we collect is up to you and depends on your project goal or purpose.

  • Still Images
  • Video
  • Orthorectified imagery – sometimes called maps.
  • Or a combination of any or everything.

We would be happy to provide you with a written quote for your project. Just send us an email and let us know what you want, where the site is, and the product you’re interested in. And we will get back to you shortly.

Time estimates really depend on the project. For example; consider taking some aerial photographs of the little house on the corner with taking photographs of a 200 unit apartment complex. Much different scale, complexity and time considerations. We do both.

That said, here are a few scenarios.

  • For a typical residence, we can easily capture a few still images and do the post production (editing), in 1 hour.
  • Alternatively, we can capture a series of short video clips from different angles and compile them into a short composite video often in close to an hour. The larger or more complex the property is or the more elaborate the post production required, the more time is required.
  • Orthorectified imagery is where the drone flies a grid (lawn mower pattern) over the target area taking many photographs that are later stitched into a single orthoimage. This is commonly referred to a map. But it is really just a special photograph. Again, the time needed is entirely dependent on the project scale. A 10 acre site can be done in under an hour.
  • Inspections, events, whatever. It all depends on what time is needed to meet your goals.

Photographs or video that come straight out of the camera usually need a little help to look their best. The camera does the best it can to capture nice imagery. But the wide range of lighting conditions make it near impossible for the imagery to be perfect out of the camera. Professional photographers spend more time on post production than they do taking the photograph in most cases.

If you are comfortable doing your own editing, that’s great. We can spend all of our time flying and collecting the imagery and leave the editing to you.

When you click on the Following link, This is what the map will look like. Enter your project address in the field indicated.

Ok, here we go!
  1. Click on this link to open a Google Map page in another Tab or Window and these instructions will remain available for reference.
  2. On the page that opens, in the upper left, type in an address or location and the map will calculate the driving time.
  3. Now you simply take the driving time the Google Maps displays, subtract 15 minutes, and add the remainder to $100 to get the minimum rate for that project. Below is an example using Shelton, WA as the project site. The minimum rate worked out to be $186 for up to 1 hour on site.

If this is just too much trouble, no problem. send us an email and tell us where your project is and what you want and we will quote you a rate !

An example using Shelton, Washington as the project site.

Here are questions we have received and their answers. Something not here, ask us. We don’t bite.

Q – Can a couple of neighbors go in together to maximize the value of a project?

A – Absolutely.

Q – What if a job takes a little more time than an hour? Will it cost another hour’s time for just a few minutes?

A – No. We can use a calculator too! You only pay for the time it takes.

Q – For driving time, isn’t $1 a minute too high?

A – We charge $1 per minute driving time -one way- for any time over 15 minutes. After we pay for fuel, insurance, etc. that leaves us about $20 per hour to cover our time each way. I suppose the question of “is that too high” is subjective. But we don’t think so.

We offer a 5% discount with at least 4 hours on the project.
We offer a 10% discount with at least 6 hours on the project.

Contact us for a custom quote on your project. And Thanks !