Drone pilot, drone mapping, and drone survey in Washington state

Drone Mapping, Survey & Topography

Do to the speed and efficiency of using drones for mapping, survey and topographic data collection with image based Photogrammetry  or LIDAR are some of the fastest growing uses for drones.

UAS (Drone) Surface Data Collection

Not too far in the past,  satellites or manned aircraft were required to capture data either with a camera or a LIDAR sensor in order to create georeferenced imagery, putting the cost out of reach for most.  Today, the use of drones to capture data is much more affordable, and the data collected can be very accurate due to the instrument being closer to the surface and the fast development of technology to take advantage of it.

Using Drones to Collect Data
for Mapping, Survey and Topographical Products

The Process

A drone is flown over the subject property.

Drone photogammetry, map and survey, Washington state

Specialized computer software running on the drone directs it to capture a precise GPS guided series of overlapping aerial photographs. This set of drone aerial photographs is stitched together using a process known as Photogrammetry and Orthorectified to be used alone, or within other GIS applications.

Drone photogrammetry map and survey washington state

The 2d and 3d data resulting from this photogrammetry process can be used in many ways. Including general aerial Orthoimagery, 3D digital surface models for volumetric measurements, terrain modeling, and more.

Drone map and survey 2d and 3d analysis

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Olympic Aerial Solutions is an FAA licensed drone pilot service but not a licensed surveyor. The products produced by us are not meant to be used for the establishment of property corners, lines, boundaries, or monuments. For those products, we work under the direction of a survey professional who can legally supply those products.
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